Jolla officially released the third Other Half for the Jolla Phone – The Poppy Red Other Half. You can get the Poppy Red Other Half for €29

You can get Jolla and The Other Half in Keira Black, Aloe or Poppy Red for just 419 €
Simply add them to your shopping cart to see the updated price. EU only.

The Other Half Poppy Red is bright and cheerful. It’s like candy. Attach this cover for a pop of color and an instant energy boost.

Start a personal journey with The Other Half smart covers. Re-create your Jolla over-and-again with The Other Half. Attach The Other Half and watch your Jolla instantly transforming inside and out - technology in harmony with you.

The Other Half is an original Jolla innovation. Manufactured from ultra-durable and scratch resistant polycarbonate, it’s more than just a fresh coat of paint. Each color option packs a unique ambience with custom sounds, wallpapers and more. Your Jolla automatically detects The Other Half and instantly adopts the look and feel of your phone with wireless NFC technology.


If you want to create your own Other Half, Download The Other Half Developer Kit

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