Jolla Shutdown Changer


Today for the first time, I actually really felt that Jolla lives in the same community where MeeGo once lived!
All those who would have used MeeGo MUST remember the good old N9 Quick Tweak App that was developed by Schturman Yesterday, Nokius  released a very playful and very familiar script.  

Shutdown Graphic Changer provides a shell script that allows you to add a personal shutdown graphic on the shutdown/boot screen.  The app is straightforward, once you open it will open the shell script. After opening it will present you with a list of options 

1. Load Shutdown Graphic to personalize
2. Set personal shutdown graphic
3. Backup shutdown graphic
4. Restore shutdown graphic backup
5. Restore original shutdown graphic
6. About
7. Quit


Jolla Shutdown Graphic Changer Interface

Please remember that you need to activate Developer Mode before using this application.
For editing copy the Shutdown Graphic with help of scp to and from your Jolla to your PC and the other way

 scp nemo@IP:home/nemo/shutdowngraphic/graphic-shutdown-480x854.png ~/path/you/wanted
from PC to Jolla
scp ~/path/to/graphic-shutdown-480x854.png nemo@IP:/home/nemo/shutdowngraphic/graphic-shutdown-480x854.png

DO NOT CHANGE the size of the image ONLY THE LOOK!



For now I will leave you guys to hurry up and go make your amazing geeky images. Do share them!

Download Shutdown Graphic Changer at OpenRepos  or simply search it via Warehouse!


Source:  TalkMaemo

Image Credit: Ahmad M. Daher