Sailfish OS 1.0 Ohijarvi is now available for the Jolla Phone. It brings a cluster of new features and improvements to Sailfish OS like improved landscape support, internet sharing, Self timer, tap-to-focus, view finder grid, exposure and ISO settings in Camera and many more.

After reading that the update is now available, you probably jump or you are singing – Let it go, let it go Sailfish OS Update is finally here! and suddenly you stop “Please disable OpenRepos or Repositories before updating” and you asked yourself What is that? and How can I disable repositories? Help!!!!!!!!

Relax, we are here to help :)

Please follow these steps before updating, or you risk breaking your device:
1.enable developer mode, if it’s not enabled
2.connect by SSH, or open the terminal
3.list all repositories by typing ssu lr. Openrepos repositories are the ones starting with openrepos-
4.disable all openrepos repositories by typing ssu dr repositoryname for each of them. Do not touch any non-openrepos repository •for example, if you have a repository “openrepos-NielDK” you’d type ssu dr openrepos-NielDK

5.after disabling all openrepos repositories you can start the update

You can also use the Warehouse app to disable repositories.


Help! I didn’t follow this, and now my device is broken!
•do you have developer mode enabled, and can SSH in? Follow the above instructions to disable all openrepos repositories, and manually update your device with version –dup
•if you don’t have developer mode enabled, try if you can open settings. If you can open settings, do a factory reset on your device. Note that this will delete all your data!
•if you can’t open settings, boot your device into rescue mode, and select factory reset there.
See for instructions to get to the recovery mode.
This will delete all your data as well!
•if unfortunately none of the above works, please contact jolla care at

Happy Updating!
—Let it go, let it go Sailfish OS update is finally here. Here I stand, Im ready to update!! Let the update goes on!!! The repositories will never bother me anyway

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Image Credit: Sailor