To celebrate the launch of Sailfish OS 1.0 we will interview Jolla Officials and Jolla Fans to share their favorite apps, Other Half and learn how they make the most of their Jolla. Today we start with Jolla’s Community Manager and Devaamo co-founder Carol Chen. Here’s a look at what’s inside:

Carol Chen Jolla

1. What apps have you prioritized and why?

Messaging – because that’s really 3 apps in one (text messages, FB messages, gtalk messages).
Browser – because I always need to look up some website or search for info..
Email – I dislike the fact that I receive too much emails, but work depends on it. LINE – main form of communication between my family across 3 continents.

2. What apps/games do you use to pass the time?

Media – listening to music;
Tweetian/Friends – read posts from Twitter and Facebook;
Free Fall – a silly disney game but I’m addicted

*Free Fall is application based off the animated film Frozen.

Do you have Android apps/games on your phone? Your favourite Android apps and why?

Carol Chen Jolla


About half my apps are android apps. For e.g. LINE and Free Fall mentioned in my previous answers are android apps. I don’t have any real “favorite” android apps, if there are native Sailfish options I’d prefer to use sailfish versions. I use the android Facebook app sometimes as it has some features not available in Friends (sailfish FB app). I also depend on GoToMeeting to attend meetings on the move.

4.Your favorite Other Half?

Oh this is a tough one.. I like the fact that we can change other halves depending on my needs and my moods. But if I have to pick one favorite right now, it’s the very limited “Jolla Sailors” edition of poppy red with the inscription “I Made This”

The Limited Edition “I Made This” Other Half

5. Message to Jolla Fans

Thanks for your unceasing support, I’m a fan of all of you in the Jolla community! It’s heartwarming to see our fans coming together and really taking part in the Jolla movement – sharing news and tips, developing apps, organizing meetups, doing demos, and more! Do continue to follow The Jolla Blog, and let’s #Jolla2gether on

Image Credit: Carol Chen and Marko Mattila